Exploiting the most advanced prescriptive techniques, considering the analysis of the predicitions and the data of the current and future production, the software computes the optimal production and maintenance plan.


The Synapse Intelligent Scheduler computes the optimal production and maintenance plan based on failure predictions and future production.

Multi Objective

The prescriptive software can optimize multiple creteria at the same time, computing, if needed, multiple solutions.

Fast and Optimal

The engine of the software is based on an anytime algorithm: it efficiently computes high quality solutions and the optimal one with enough time .

Robust Optimization

The intelligent core of this software deals with uncertainty and its methods are robust to the stochasticity of complex scenarios.

Web Service

The software has been developed as a service. It can be therefore used from any device, such as PCs, Laptops, Tablets or smartphones.


The Synapse Intelligent Scheduler user interface has been specifically designed. The interface is based on an intuitive and powerful web dashboard.