MindIT has adopted Procedure and corporate Policies in line with the European Union General regulation on data protection (GDPR – Reg Ue 2016/679), in order to promise high security standard and rules that aim to adequately handle Persona Data.

Subject authorized to handle data

Data are treated by internal and external resources to the company offices, adequately identified, instructed and acting as authorized personnel to handle Data.

Data preservation

Data are available for all the time strictly necessary for the purpose of the treatment.

Categories Duration Main normative reference
candidates max 24 months art. 11 lett. e) of legislative decree 196/2003 and art 5 lett. e) of Reg UE 2016/679.
employee e temporary 10 years art. 43 of Decree of the President of the Republic 600/73; art. 2946 civil code on ordinary prescription; Title I, Chap III, of legislative decree 81/08 as subsequently amended and supplemented
clients and supplier 5 - 10 years art. 2948 civil code that impose 5 years statute barred for periodic payments; art. 2220 civil code that impose 10 years of preservation of contracts; art. 22 of Decree of the President of the Republic 29 September 1973, n.600.

Data sent via web form

The adopted policies for data sent via web form may vary based on the types of data.
Those data will be processes accordingly to what is described on the table of the "Data preservation" section, higher on this page.